Pentingnya Brand Loyalty Terhadap Minat Beli Ulang

Prasetyo Hadi, Sumarto Sumarto


Brand loyalty provides strategic value to the company if managed properly. For example, the reduction of marketing costs, increase sales and market share, create brand awareness, growing interest in new customers. Including providing opportunities for the company time to anticipate a possible threat from rivals. Thus, marketing is a battle of consumer perception and brand loyalty, not just a battle of products.
The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of positioning strategy towards brand loyalty. Effect of positioning strategy towards brand loyalty, and brand image. Effect of brand image to brand loyalty. Effect of brand loyalty on repurchase intention. This study uses primary data by accidental sampling technique. Total sample of 130 respondents using a Likert scale. Technical analysis using SEM.
The results showed that the positioning strategy is not to create a brand image. Positioning strategy can create brand loyalty. Brand image can not create brand loyalty. Brand loyalty can affect the repurchase intention.

Keywords: Brand Loyalty, Positioning Strategy, Brand Image, Repurchase Intention

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