Perubahan Budaya Public Service Organizations (PSOs) Dalam Meningkatkan Kinerja Layanan Publik

Amirul Mustofa


Some important aspects of the changes in organizational culture, at least coherently will be discussed in this paper. Among the important aspects are: values, attitudes, behavior, organizational culture, corporate culture. A number of components into the aspirations and establish a culture of public service organizations. Then used as input in improving the effectiveness of bureaucratic performance.
The main purpose of the establishment of an organizational culture within the organization to include all members of the organization can understand, comply with and implement the system-defined organizational culture. Further than that when the organizations or PSOs have agreed a standard system of organizational culture and formed from a number of values that represetatif, so if a problem appears in based organizations, it strived to be resolved by referring to the cultural values of the organization in question.
Benefits and functions of organizational culture is to help overcome the problems originating from internal and external organizations. The way that you can use to implement the organization's culture is to promote the vision, mission, strategy and organization, and performance goals to be achieved to the external environment (external stakeholders). While the internal organization that organizational culture needs to be socialized to all employees and associated components. Some important material in the socialization include the following: criteria for employees, the determination of work standards and incentives (rewards) and punishment.

Keywords: Values, Attitudes, Behavior, Organizational Culture, Corporate Culture

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