Membangun Customer Loyalty Nasabah Bank Melalui Customer Satisfaction

Sumarto Sumarto


In the relation between bank and its customer, the bank should to capable to fulfill need and satisfy through services and create the value to the customer.  So in the compete situation, to give customer satisfaction is main duty of bank in order that the customer loyal permanently. The customer satisfaction is primary cause for building customer loyalty. More and more loyal customer to the bank, that’s indicate the service superiority of its bank. Base description above this research purpose to analyze the impact of service quality and perceived-customer value on customer satisfaction in the effort building customer loyalty in banking.
To fulfill research purpose, primary data applied in this research. These data analyzed by SEM approach through AMOS application program. Population in this research is the bank customer one of bank in Surabaya which still be active transacted deposit with its bank. The number of populations are noted about 11.923 customer. From these identifications there are 200 customer as sample selected at simple random. Respondent are met when doing transaction with its bank during research period.
Result of this research indicates that : a) there is negative impact of service quality on customer satisfaction, but not significant,  b) there is positive impact customer-perceived value on customer satisfaction, and c) there is positive impact customer satisfaction on customer loyalty. Detail discussion, implication and limitation of this research will be explained under consideration following.

Keywords: Service Quality, Customer-Perceived Value, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty

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