Ronny Kurniawan


Catfish is a kind of fish that has high protein rate around 20% mass that can be exploited on

the application knowledge of food biotechnology, and one of protein resources for Indonesia society.

The application is as raw material soy sauce making.

The experiment of soy sauce making that made of the catfish conducted by pulverizing the

catfish flesh then mixed it up with pulverized pineapple (containing bromelin enzyme) and water. The

comparison mass is (g):mass (g):volume (ml) with the comparison value 1:2:1 and pH 6-7. All of the

material has to be put the incubator as long as 3 days with the temperature 50





: soy sauce, fermentation, catfish, streptococcus lactis bactery, bromelin

C. The hydrolysis result


added with salt in the concentration 3% (mass/volume), 5% (mass/volume), 9%(mass/volume) and acid

bactery lactit streptococcus lactis which further on separated it so it produced the fish soy sauce


The purpose of this research are to analyze the influence of salt condensation concentration

and the time of processed salt condensation fermentation by using 2 sided variant analysis method and

to analyze totalize dissolve nitrogen content and organoleptic test including taste, color and scent to

get soy sauce with quality. The result shows the highest protein rate is got on condensation

concentration variation of 3% and 7 day, hydrolysis time with protein rate of 17.95%. While according

to organoleptic test the sauce which is produced accepted enough by society including taste, scent and


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