The aim of this study is to calculate energy consumption at ectractive distillation process with salts

and solvent mixture as entrainer to produce fuel grade alcohol (>99.8%w). This process used two

column, the main exctractive column and the recovery column. A substantial reduction in the energy

consumption, compared with conventional process, was predicted by using ethylene glycol and salts is

NaCl, K

2CO3 and CaCl2


2CO3 : 0.05 g/ml or CaCl2


Key words


: fuel grade alcohol, extractive distillation, solvent mixture

0.75 g/ml or NaCl : 0.13 g/ml, at reflux ratio 1.5.

as entrainer. Solvent and feed volum ratio (S/F) are varied in the range 0.3 –


1.4 , concentration salts in solvent are varied in the range 0.03 – 0.55 g salt / ml solvent and reflux

ratio 0.5 – 2.5. The results show that high S/F ratios increase the energy consumption, temperature of

the solvent has important effect on distillate composition and energy consumption, this effect depends

on the reflux ratio. Effect of salts show that when salts concentration increases, distillate composition

and energy consumption also increase. For distillate composition > 99.8%w, the lower energy

consumption Q = 821 KJ/kg and number of stage 36 (35% lower than conventional process) reached

in S/F ratio 0.9, K

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