Penentuan Jumlah Loket Pembayaran Telepon Yang Optimal Dengan Model Simulasi Di Bank X Surabaya

Irwan Soejanto



Every month telephone users pay their telephone bill in TELKOM outlets or banks. Nowadays, Bank X Surabaya has 2 (two) telephone bill payment windows with long queue. In this case, the computer simulation model is used to find an effective queue system to anticipate customers’ dissatisfaction. Using Software Arena and Simul8, the model system is simulated into software to describe how the system works.

The real system simulation  shows that the average of  utilization level of 2 telephone bill payment windows are  94% and after trying  3 telephone bill payment windows in trial and error simulation, it shows that the average of  utilization level  reduce to 36%, so that customers’ satisfaction increase.

Keywords: simulation, queue, amount of telephone bill payment window

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